We’ve seen it time and time again. Huge technology investments driven by the objective of transforming marketing and achieving competitive advantage. Only to fail because the right foundations were not established in the first place.

So, if you’re thinking of overhauling your martech stack, or even starting from scratch. Think again.

The right place to start is with your people. Have you got the right mindsets and skillsets to support the implementation and adoption of your technology strategy?

And more importantly, is there a real business case with clear outcomes and metrics to work towards?

Because if there isn’t, you will never truly know what success looks like – or be sure you’re on track to achieve it.

While martech has been heralded as the modern marketing solution, too many organisations fall into the trap of believing that it’s the only factor that needs to be considered. In reality, technology is an enabler. It will only ever perform as good as the people driving it. It’s no different from driving a car. There’s no point having a Ferrari if you don’t have a licence to drive, have the skillset to operate it effectively or the confidence to really make the most of its superior engineering potential.

Understanding the people landscape before making investments in technology will help identify skills gaps, training needs and give you the time to build this into an implementation and adoption plan. And if you can’t fulfil the requirements within an existing team, there’s a growing trend for businesses to outsource the more technical elements of marketing operations as part of a transitional programme.

Here at BluprintX, we’ve plugged the gap for best-in-class businesses around the world that’s bolstered their people power with specialist skills and knowledge when they needed it. The result? Efficient martech implementations with support to facilitate effective adoption and long term revenue contribution. These organisations have reached their goals faster and more seamlessly because the right people have been in place from the start.

Don’t waste your marketing budgets. If you’re not people-ready… you’re not martech-ready.

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