If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, watched my videos or read some of my more recent blogs, you’ll know that I’m particularly passionate about mindset… for personal and professional growth generally… but more specifically in relation to the marketing mindset and the role it has to play in adopting Martech.

If you’re not familiar with my thoughts on mindset, this blog/video/podcast is worth a quick read/watch/listen. In the meantime, I’ve used experience from working with best-in-class businesses around the globe to define the three types of Martech mindsets you can choose from right now.

1. Traditional

Technology is a necessary investment. Your competitors are using it and you accept that it can do great things. But your approach is to just buy the stuff, force it in the company, switch it on and let it work. Simple.

The result?

Wasted spend and minimal adoption. You’ve been seen to bring tech in, but people’s behaviour stays the same. You call it a technology problem. It wasn’t the right fit for you.

2. Misguided

Tech is a saviour and the more the better. But it’s seen as an end in itself. The mind-blowing website, the engagement levels, clicks and awards.

The result?

Great vanity metrics and a veneer of success. Yet when you dig deeper, you find that despite these good numbers and praise for your innovative online presence, your contribution to the business’ revenue and growth is next to nothing. You’re just very good at spending the budget you have.

3. SMark 

This last mindset is your only true shot at success. You don’t start with the tech, you start with yourself and your team. Specifically, you zoom in on your Effort : Impact ratio.

What will have the biggest impact now and what might you have in the future? 80% of any success will come from your people and how you work with Sales.

The result?

Any technology you invest in has a clearly defined purpose. Your marketing team agreed ways of working and thinking with Sales. There is one single goal which all activity stems from and aims towards. Your marketing activity and your budget spend actually starts rewarding you on the balance sheet.

It’s not always easy to face the harsh truth, but if you’re being completely honest with yourself… which mindset do you fall into currently? And don’t be afraid of admitting you’re traditional or misguided. Many organisations fall into these categories. But few are brave enough to address this head-on and look for ways to drive change.

The question is, are you ready to be brave?

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