Too many business leaders fall into the trap of building a team around a strategy that focuses more on skillset and less on behaviours and attitude. Best-in-class businesses shun this approach and instead think about their organisation as a tribe.

This culture-first mindset is what really sets businesses up to succeed, and here’s why…

If I’m the chief of the tribe, I’ll have the tribe aligned to a common goal. Some people will align with that goal, and others won’t. And if they won’t, quite frankly, there’s no place for them in your tribe.

You need to choose the right people who align with what you do. Because if they don’t, even if they have the right skillset… they won’t fit and they won’t help you to achieve your goals.

So when recruiting, don’t start by looking at experience or skill. The most important thing is to assess a potential tribe member’s mindset and determine whether you think they will align with the right goal and vision. This way, people will co-exist really well in the tribe.

Easier said than done, right?


Psychometric testing is a proven way of identifying people who will be the right fit with your organisation – you just need to establish what profile best fits your business culture, and then narrow this down to specific areas such as marketing, sales and client services, for example.

We’ve already adopted this culturally-led recruitment strategy at BluprintX and as a result, only on-board people who fit our tribe values and don’t just offer a skillset.

Skills can be learned. Mindset is hard to change.

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